Welcome to the City of Ligao 2011


Welcome to the City Government of Ligao, a fluorishing and developing city in the province of Albay, Philippines

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  1. Greetings to my good friend Nando. long time no see mate. take care.

    (Posted on 2015-05-08 13:39:00 by )
  2. marhay na hapon tabi sainyu gabos mga bikolano amigo amigas.

    (Posted on 2014-03-24 06:18:00 by )
  3. keep clean & green for the future generation.

    (Posted on 2014-03-24 06:15:00 by )
  4. Good photos! I hope that web admin of Ligao City will upload more photos. :-)

    (Posted on 2013-07-31 07:27:00 by )
  5. come and visit ligao city... its beautiful place..where can you spend your vacation..and all of your occation,., tra na!!.... masiramon digdi..

    (Posted on 2012-11-01 11:35:00 by )
  6. kakauwi ko lang last december, sa Ligao, and it looks very different compared nnong nakatira pa ako dyan. I love the place, the kawa-kawa, the christmas celebration, the fiesta's kung saan saan,,, i love the people there.. I miss ligao city

    (Posted on 2012-09-13 06:27:00 by )
  7. Im proud to be a Ligaoeno also... I stayed there for almost 4 years..... I have a lot of unforgettable experiences...... In terms of Cultural presentations, Im very thankful to Madam Linda and Cong. Gonzales for the chances to enhance my expertise by sending me in some national seminars and workshops.... Im proud also to be one of the persons who organized the first group (LCC) participated in the St. Dancing Competition(Ibalong Festival).... Kudos and keep up the good leadership Madam Linda....... namimiss ko mga womens dyan for the cotillon hehehehehehehe......

    (Posted on 2012-08-30 07:25:00 by )
  8. I LOve Ligao city... 13yrs din ako tumira sa ligao... pinagmamalaki kung lugar yan kc jan ako ng kamulat at ng ka isip... proud ako n isa akong taga ligao city... God Bless You mga taga Ligao city......................

    (Posted on 2012-04-14 23:20:00 by )
  9. hi...

    (Posted on 2012-02-18 09:17:00 by )
  10. I want to have a long vacation and at the same time conduct sports clinic in my mother's home city...i want to help for the promotion of sports in LIgao mom's name is Emeticia Rosalina Camba...I want to share my knowledge and experience in PE and Sports (table tennis)...Mabuhay Ligao City!!!

    (Posted on 2011-10-05 03:20:00 by )
  11. bakit walang mall dito sa ligao city nasabi pa namang city itong ligao mas maganda pa don sa polangui wala pang festival ang ligao kung anoano na lang ang ipinang lalaban na festival sa magayon......

    (Posted on 2011-08-15 03:39:00 by )
  12. hallo sa mga Ligaoenyo friends & relatives in Binatagan,mizz u all ..what a wonderful galary we had & really a big appreciation for having a nice home town Ligao...

    (Posted on 2011-04-17 18:23:00 by )
  13. I miz my place!..

    (Posted on 2011-03-19 08:07:00 by )
  14. i luv janet velasco ng tastas jeje

    (Posted on 2011-02-22 11:51:00 by )
  15. i miss Ligaoeños! lalo n su mga tga-Mahaba

    (Posted on 2011-02-10 07:41:00 by )
  16. miss ko na ligao!!!!

    (Posted on 2010-12-01 11:39:00 by )
  17. Hello! Mga kababayan ko lalo na su mga taga-Binatagan mi taga-Tastas, maray aldow tabi sainyo ngamin. Labing gagayon nikan mga retrato sa photo gallery mo, salamat sa mga ipinost mo, na-update ako sa profile nikan Ligao City . . .

    (Posted on 2010-11-20 05:12:00 by )
  18. I really miss Ligao, all my childhood memories happened in ligao. kamusta sa mga kababata ko cla tonton matias, dangoy manga,mon alsua.

    (Posted on 2010-10-11 23:31:00 by )
  19. ..magayun tlaga na ang ligao...specially kawakawa..dakul na xang ping improve...

    (Posted on 2010-06-18 04:33:00 by )
  20. ..magayun tlaga na ang ligao...specially kawakawa..dakul na xang ping improve...

    (Posted on 2010-06-18 04:33:00 by )
  21. ko n banwa ko..pguli ko dyn mapasyar aq sa kawa-kawa..

    (Posted on 2010-06-12 16:04:00 by )
  22. miss ko ng banwa ko...pguli ko dyn mapasyar aq sa kawa-kawa heeheh..

    (Posted on 2010-06-12 16:02:00 by )
  23. kmuzta pla sa inyong lhat..............

    (Posted on 2010-02-14 13:48:00 by )
  24. see u soon,ligao.lki ng inunlad..........7 yerz plang ako dto s mnila,guz2 q ng umuwi

    (Posted on 2010-02-14 13:46:00 by )
  25. magayon

    (Posted on 2010-02-14 13:41:00 by )
  26. magayon

    (Posted on 2010-02-14 13:41:00 by )
  27. Ligao City is the place to be. Come and join this site and let's continue to share our thoughts and memories about Ligao.

    (Posted on 2010-01-24 06:17:00 by )
  28. Wow, Ligao looks so different ! Asensado na ! Nakaka- miss !!

    (Posted on 2010-01-23 01:44:00 by )

    (Posted on 2010-01-23 01:32:00 by )
  30. hello mga ligaowenos...talagang nakakamis thanks sa pag post ng pic si gilbert very active yan...whewww!! mis this town

    (Posted on 2010-01-22 23:36:00 by )
  31. Wow, hahaha kurudalan...da man kudal...asenso na Ligao!!! Good to see that Ligao is progressing, a lot has changed since the last time I was there, tambayan place ko dati sa Rizal statue in front of the police station, is it still there? hahaha good times!

    (Posted on 2010-01-22 19:57:00 by )
  32. i misssss ligao,,, see u soon

    (Posted on 2010-01-22 18:43:00 by )
  33. Maugma pag nasa sadiring banwa kita...Litrato pa sana parang isisira na..lolz...

    Bungkaras Ligaoeno!

    (Posted on 2010-01-18 09:04:00 by )
  34. How is my little city of Ligao doing? I see mayor Gonzales's wife became the next Mayor Gonzales. I hope things are progressing well. Greetings from Canada.

    (Posted on 2009-12-20 18:08:00 by )
  35. Ligao City is now developing.... Keep it up

    (Posted on 2009-10-25 06:49:00 by )
  36. Ligao City is now developing.... Keep it up

    (Posted on 2009-10-25 06:49:00 by )

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